Feature Points gives you free giftcards and more easily!

Lately, there have been many apps popping up that give you rewards like giftcards for downloading sponsored apps. One of these is an app called Feature Points. There’s a few tricks and tips we have for it too. Many of the apps are on iTunes or Google Play which means you can download them. You can’t download the apps more than once for Feature Points but that’s okay. There are many other offers to chose from! Every so often, they will add new offers for you to do. However, there are sometimes no apps to download anymore. No worries! You can share your referral code for even more points! Sharing it will give you many points and you’ll receive half the points your referrals earn. It’s quite nice actually. This gets very hard sometimes though. Sharing your referral code isn’t that easy. That’s why you can use the various cheats and hacks available for free. A lot of people use these glitches after a while so they can get many Feature Points. There are zero accounts of anyone getting banned or even warned about using these hacks. However, only one of them works. We did a case study on all these so called “Feature Points Hacks” and determined that there’s only one that consistently works. Check our blog next week to find out which one it is.